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Thank you so much for remembering me during this holiday season.

I will never forget your kindness and compassion you had for me. You truly helped me get through a terrible time with such sensitivity, I could never thank you enough! I wish you a wonderful new year filled with all that you wish for. Please stay in touch. You are Wonderful! Best wishes, D. B.

I received and thank you for the information you forwarded on my question as to types and causes of molds including lumberyard mold.

The information you have furnished will be forwarded to Ralph Britton, the examiner at 21st Century Insurance Company. I suspect it will get some dissemination with others at their office. That is because it is very informative and may be the best descriptive information I have received or seen without going so deep that most of we lay persons would have no idea what any of it means. You went above and beyond on this and I really appreciate it. I will make sure the examiner understands this work came from Clark Seif Clark and most especially you. Thanks again, K.M.

Just wanted to let you know how much you and all your team mean to us at HH.

You guys are the best and we appreciate your willingness to always make it to our projects regardless of your workload. In addition, please allow me to bring to your attention how grateful we are that Robert is part of the team. Robert has done such an outstanding job for both CSC and HH at the Air Force Base. He has done a great job performing the inspections and then immediately getting the updates sent out. The extreme dedication and thoroughness Robert portrays in uncommon in the workplace (but quite common at CSC). I am often times amazed at your and your staffs great attitude regardless of time of day or day of week when our firm calls for your help. Never has any member of CSC acted too tired or too busy or too put out when called upon. We love Paul and Kirsten and Melissa and Randall and Robert! Thank everyone for us! Sincerely, C.A.

Wanted to take the time to let you know how much information I received from your presentation.

That has been the most complete scope of the mold problem that I have heard. I am sure that your expertise is going to be much in demand in our industry. B.M.

I applaud you for your hard work and dedication to bring this subject (mold) into the light for many of us who have had no earlier experience with mold.

I can tell you from my perspective, it is a challenge I'd much prefer to have good people behind me to correct. Yours Truly, R.H.

It is not often that our busy schedules all us to give recognition for exceptional work.

However, I feel it is necessary to note the outstanding efforts of Derrick Denis while assigned to the indoor quality project at the production facility where we film our television series, "Charmed". Derrick went well beyond his required job duty to insure that difficult time compressed deadlines were met. His tireless dedication and quality of work on the job were exemplary. Due in large part to Derrick's efforts, we were able to control on extremely volatile situation which, left alone, would have resulted in a significant financial loss to our organization. We at Spelling are looking forward to a long-term working relationship with Derrick on a wide array of projects. It has been my distinct pleasure to work with Derrick over the past few weeks. Sincerely, E.M.

Thank you again for being part of the Los Angeles County East Chapter (LACE) luncheon program last week.

We greatly appreciated your understanding of our audience and what they needed to know. Both your presentation and responses to the participants questions were right on target. Sincerely, P.H.

Wanted to take a few minutes to express our "thanks" for the wonderful presentation that Derrick Denis gave at our office meeting last month.

We had over twenty agents in attendance and they were all very impressed with no only the knowledge, but the informative way Derrick presented the material. The Mold Disclosure Issue is one of the most confusing that we as real estate practitioners have had to deal with in a number of years. Derrick made the confusion somewhat less on our part and gave us all a better understanding if just how we should present this problem to our clients. Again, thank you for having such a wonderful person representing your company. We would not hesitate to use or recommend your firm to our clients. Sincerely yours, L.H.

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for on excellent presentation on Saturday.

My technicians and I were all very impressed by what we learned, and I received some very positive feedback from the other offices in attendance. Being in the water damage business, we are frequently faced questions about mold growth from water damage customers, insurance personnel and property managers. Your presentation, visual aids and handouts were well planned and targeted to our particular interests. I think we can now address the topic with a greater sense of confidence (and a little less guesswork!). I am sending copies of your presentation packet to everyone who attended along with request for feedback. Thank you again for a well done presentation. I look forward to working with you on future projects. Sincerely, A.T.

You have my heartfelt gratitude for your participation in EIA 2008.

Your contribution to the success of EIA 2008 was invaluable and the Environmental Information Association sincerely thanks you. Your presentation was a credit to the Association, and your participation strengthens EIA’s position as a primary information resource for our industry. Thank you again for your participation. Sincerely, M.S.

Just want to say Thank You.

Your lunch presentation was nothing less than awesome. Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and knowledge energized the class. We look forward to a continued relationship with you and your organization. Thanks again, D.H.

The work product you provided was excellent, and the first call I will make will be to you if opportunity arises.

The assignments I have been working on have had a hygienist involved when received. I do look forward to working with you again. Thank you. B.J.

I just wanted to thank your staff here in town for helping ati out on all of these jobs over the holiday weekend.

Again and again, you guys never fail to come through in a pinch. Again thanks for doing what you do. J.M.

A lot of good info presented in an easily understandable form.

Subject covered a wide range of topics without spending too much time on any. Well balanced.

One of the best classes in the HPC.

Thank you, and all your staff that was involved, for you diligence and support during this time. Sincerely, R.C.

Another job well done. Thank you. R.C.

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