What Does CSC Do?



  • Are you planning to demolish or renovate your building and want to know your obligations?
  • When should I test for asbestos?
  • I suspect that asbestos containing materials were disturbed in my building. What should I do?

The dangers due to exposure to asbestos have been known for years. For that very reason, the use of asbestos in the United States has been steadily declining. And yet, asbestos is still present in building materials today and still poses a serious health hazard. At CSC, we are experts at detecting the presence of asbestos and determining an abatement plan that is safe, provides minimal disruption in the workplace and will help remove or manage asbestos containing building materials. If you suspect that asbestos containing building materials have or will be disturbed in your building or at your site, we can help.

If you have a potential asbestos problem, CSC's certified experts can provide you with an accurate asbestos survey that details the building materials or site locations where asbestos was found. CSC can devise an asbestos abatement plan that complies with all environmental regulations and provides detailed written specifications and reports of all asbestos activities. CSC can determine airborne levels of asbestos following asbestos abatement or following the unintentional disturbance of asbestos containing materials. In short, CSC can meet any of your asbestos-related needs.

How is CSC Qualified?

Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC) professionals possess the pertinent education, relevant certifications, and appropriate licenses that qualify us to provide you with the highest level of asbestos consulting services. We perform your work in line with current governmental rules and regulations at a fair price. Beyond our firm foundation, CSC employees have the education, experience and credibility that sets our bar of excellence high. . We have completed projects that cover every possible structure size and type. This includes schools, hospitals & health care facilities, banks, industrial, commercial and residential. Our experts have the qualification and knowledge to assist you differentiates between a real estate transfer survey and a construction survey.

To add to our appeal, take a moment to consider our diversity of services, our highly rated insurance coverage, our multiple office locations, our flexible hours, and our in-house scientific equipments. It's easy to see why so many clients rely on CSC to get the job done.

Examples of employees Asbestos Certifications:

  • AHERA Asbestos Inspector
  • AHERA Management Planner
  • AHERA Project Designer
  • AHERA Contractor Supervisor
  • NIOSH 582(E) Microscopist
  • California Certified Asbestos Consultant (CA-CAC)
  • California Certified Site Surveillance Technician (CA-CSST)
  • NIOSH 582(E) Microscopist
  • McRone Advanced Asbestos Identification (PLM)
  • Microscpoe Instruction Consultation & Analysis (MICA) for PLM Analysis