Site Assessment

Case Study #2

Project: Indoor Air Quality Complaint in an Office

Location: Lancaster, California

Client: Confidential Property Management

Site Assessment

Almost vacant office as a result of an indoor air quality complaint.

CSC was requested to assess the indoor air quality of an office. The majority of employees in a 10,000 square foot office reported indoor air quality-related health complaints and were granted a workmens compensation leave of absence. As a result, almost all of the employees of a company were absent, and the office space was un-occupiable until the source of the problem was identified and repaired.

    CSC investigated the complaint as follows:

  • CSC interviewed the office manager, building owner and the facilities manager.
  • CSC performed a visual assessment of the office and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.
  • CSC collected samples to confirm the hypothesis we formed during our visual survey.
  • CSC provided the client with a report outlining the results, conclusions and recommendations that stemmed from our investigation.

Result:CSC determined that the lack of P-traps in the air conditioning condensate pipes of the HVAC system most likely allowed sewer gases to infiltrate the office, contributing to the indoor air quality complaints. The problem was cheaply repaired by installing P-traps, and no further indoor air quality complaints were reported.