Site Assessment

Case Study #11

Project: Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Location: Central California

Client: Confidential Medical Clinic

Site Assessment

View of treatment area of medical clinic after the acid spill clean-up efforts had been completed. CSC helped the facility to verify that the indoor air quality was acceptable.

When a medical clinic spilled almost 200 gallons of acid, sending three of their own personnel and several responding firemen to the hospital, it was Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC) that conducted the post-clean-up testing to confirm that the clinic was in condition acceptable for re-occupancy and address the environmental concerns of the staff.

    CSC approached this project as follows:

  • Visual inspection and moisture survey to help assess the extent of the damage and identify any hidden reservoirs of spilled acid.
  • Air sampling for the spilled acid and possible reaction products of the acid with building materials.
  • Surface sampling for salts that were in solution with the acid to verify if the clean-up was effective.

Result:CSC found that the clean-up efforts had been effective overall, and that the air sample results were acceptable. Therefore, although minor recommendations were issued for additional cleaning and improved hygiene/safety practices, the facility was deemed acceptable for occupancy.