What Does CSC Do?



  • I am planning renovations on my 1974 home. Should I be concerned about lead in the paint?
  • We are expecting our first child in three months. Should I be concerned about lead in the paint?
  • We received glazed pottery from Mexico as a wedding gift. Could it contain lead
  • If my home is in good condition, can I still get lead poisoning?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "Childhood lead poisoning remains a major environmental health problem in the U.S." The most likely source of dangerous lead can be found in lead paint that was used on homes built before 1980. Exposure to lead can harm not only young children, but also babies before they are born, and even adults. At CSC, we are experts at detecting the sources of lead contamination, and are well aware of the many stringent requirements that must be adhered to during removal. If you suspect that lead contaminants are present in your building or at your site, we can help you clear the air safely and effectively.

At CSC, our lead-based paint consultants are specifically trained to identify suspect lead-containing materials, test for the presence or absence of lead, and quantify the amount of lead present. In addition, CSC consultants can perform lead risk assessments to quantify the amount of lead dust present in an area with known or suspected lead-containing material. After we have determined the source and quantity of your contamination, we will design a remediation plan and then monitor it until all your hazardous materials are removed. We will provide "before and after" measurement data as well as detailed documentation to support all your abatement procedures.

Examples of Services:

  • Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment
  • Combination Lead-Based Paint Inspection
  • Working drawings, specifications & design of abatement projects
  • Lead Abatement Project Monitoring
  • Project clearance and closeout documents
  • Personal Exposure assessment and negative exposure assessment.
  • Environmental area monitoring
  • Lead in soil & drinking water sampling & analysis
  • Lead Hazard Screen
  • Elevated blood lead (EBL) level investigations (Epidemiological)
  • Awareness training
  • Testing of cookware, toys, folk medicines, etc. for the presence of lead-based paint

How is CSC Qualified?

Clark Seif Clark, Inc. (CSC) professionals possess the pertinent education, relevant certifications, and appropriate licenses that qualify us to provide you with the highest level of Lead Based Paint (LBP) or Lead-Construction Related consulting services. We perform your work in line with applicable governmental rules & regulations, industry standards and guidelines at a fair price. Beyond our firm foundation, CSC has the education, experience and credibility that set our bar of excellence high. Our experts will help you identify the type of lead survey/assessment you need for your facility. They have the expertise to clearly draw the line between a lead survey for construction purposes or a lead assessment because of potential childhood lead exposure. In addition, they are qualified and experience in HUD Guidelines, as well as OSHA regulations in your State. Our clients consist of public and private entities.

To add to our appeal, take a moment to consider our diversity of services, our highly rated insurance coverage, our multiple office locations, our flexible hours, and our in-house scientific equipments. It's easy to see why so many clients rely on CSC to get the job done.

Examples of our personnels Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Certifications

  • EPA Certified Lead Inspector
  • EPA Certified Lead Risk Assessor
  • California DPH Lead -Related Construction Project Monitor
  • California DPH Lead - Related Construction Inspector/Assessor
  • California DPH Lead - Supervisor
  • California DPH Lead - Project Designer
  • Lead Supervisor
  • Lead Project Monitor
  • Lead Worker
  • RMD and Niton (XRF) Inspection System Certificant